World Car-Free Day 2023

Sep 22, 2023 Erik Cocks

World Car-Free Day 2023 is September 22nd! How can driving less help bees, and what can you do?

T-Shirts: A Canvas for Positive Environmental Messages and Bee Conservation

Sep 20, 2023 Erik Cocks

How t-shirts are being used to spread positive messages about environmental conservation and bee conservation. 

The Positive Symbolism of Bees: Nature's Unsung Heroes

Sep 19, 2023 Erik Cocks

Beyond their sometimes-intimidating exterior, bees hold a remarkable place in our world, both ecologically and symbolically.

Nurturing Future Stewards: Why Teaching Children About Protecting Bees and Ecological Conservation is Essential

Sep 12, 2023 Erik Cocks

In today's rapidly changing world, where environmental challenges are on the rise, it's crucial to instill in our children a sense of responsibility and awareness when it comes to ecological conservation.

Bee-lieve in Change: How Supporting Beekeeping Helps Environmental Conservation

Sep 05, 2023 Erik Cocks

In our bustling world, where climate change and environmental degradation have become pressing concerns, it's heartwarming to know that we can make a difference by supporting a tiny, yet incredibly impactful creature: the honeybee.

Grandparent’s Day 2023

Sep 01, 2023 Kinda Zennish

Grandparents Day in 2023 is September 10th!

Recipe for Bee's Knees

Aug 29, 2023 Kinda Zennish

Like gin? How about honey? If you answered yes and yes then you have to try a Bee's Knees!

Buzzing Trends: The Influence of Bees on Fashion Throughout History

Aug 23, 2023 Erik Cocks

When we think of the world of fashion, our minds often conjure up images of glamorous runways, iconic designers, and ever-evolving trends. However, there's a small yet essential creature that has significantly impacted the realm of style throughout history: the bee.

Five Ways to Celebrate World Honey Bee Day

Aug 19, 2023 Kinda Zennish

World Honey Bee Day started in 2009 to raise awareness about the benefits of bees to society and agriculture. What can you do to celebrate this holiday? Well. I’m glad you asked, because I have a few suggestions!

Planting for the Bees: The Best Types of Flowers and Herbs to Attract Pollinators

May 27, 2023 Erik Cocks

We love taking photos of bees, creating bee art, and designing bee-related clothing! However, we rely on our subjects, the bees, to be around and ready to help us make beautiful art. We want to share the wonderful world of pollinators and their importance in sustaining life on Earth.

Where We find Bees To Photograph

May 09, 2023 Erik Cocks

We love photographing nature's smallest creatures. Bees are not only essential pollinators, but they also make fascinating subjects for us to create art from. But where do we find these busy bees? 

Bee Art For Kids

May 01, 2023 Erik Cocks

The Bee T-Shirt Story

Dec 30, 2022 Erik Cocks

As I walked through the flowing field of flowers and bees, I wondered how i might be able to support pollinators. Then I remembered i was already wearing a bee-themed t-shirt from That Bee Place.

Buy Bee Art to Support Pollinators in the US

Dec 08, 2022 Erik Cocks

Buy Bee Art to Support Pollinators in the US When you buy bee art, you're supporting the lives of pollinators and helping to save the bee population. This article will tell you how this art supports pollinators, where you can buy it, and why we need bees in the first place. 

Fine Art Acrylic Prints are Great Gifts & Save Bees!

Nov 18, 2022 Erik Cocks

If you've thought about a great gift for the bee lover in your life, a fine art acrylic print is just the gift. 

Leave the Leaves conservation t-shirt

Nov 17, 2022 Erik Cocks

Your perfect t-shirt for the fall season! This bee-themed t-shirt features the phrase leave the leaves. This phrase refers to not raking up all your leaves so the ground bees have places to be safe when it gets colder.

The Case for Re-Usable Shopping Bags

Nov 08, 2022 Erik Cocks

Re-usable bags like bee-themed totes are becoming the norm in many areas over plastic bags for grocery shopping and carrying shopping items.

Conservation T-Shirts for Toddlers

Nov 04, 2022 Erik Cocks

This great conservation-themed t-shirt is perfect for toddlers or a gift for your grandkids, nieces or nephews!

Make a Statement With Vegan Combat Boots for Women

Nov 03, 2022 Erik Cocks

Sometimes you need to make a statement with what you wear. These cloth bright red combat boots for women will let the world know that you know fashion and want to stand out in a crowd.

Save The Bees T-Shirt Support Pollinators

Nov 02, 2022 Erik Cocks

Care about bees? Buy a bee-themed t-shirt that gives back!  Part of the profits at That Bee Place go right back to organizations that support pollinators and bee conservation. This Save the Bees t-shirt says it all and lets people know you care.

Wall Art for Apartments and Bee Lovers

Nov 01, 2022 Erik Cocks

Whether you want to elevate your apartment walls with an acrylic print featuring bees or a poster print you can inexpensively frame, you can't go wrong with a bee-themed piece of art.

Let's Kick Off the Halloween Season Right!

Oct 12, 2022 Erik Cocks

This scary tote bag featuring a freaky zombie bee is the perfect item for someone who wants a unique scary gift.

Smile! It's Friday and Bees Love You

Aug 26, 2022 Erik Cocks

Smile!  It's Friday and Bees Love You! Shop for Bee-themed toddler t-shirts. This Smiling bee will make any family gathering a little happier knowing you are supporting bees and making a great fashion statement! Check out the bee t-shirts

Bee Nice Mug - For co-workers, teachers and bee lovers

Aug 25, 2022 Erik Cocks

Bee Nice is a great motto to live by. If you are buying bee themed gifts for the bee lovers in your life, this is a great one! 

Stylish Bee Lover Women's Boots

Aug 19, 2022 Erik Cocks

These women's boots will instantly impress and start conversations. With the puzzle design and the bee print, these bee-themed boots can be worn to work or on a date! 

Support the Bees and Look Great!

Aug 18, 2022 Erik Cocks

Our bee-themed products support bees conservation efforts and make sure we take care of our pollinators. This Bee T-Shirt features beautiful bee artwork. Click Here to View the T-Shirt and see other bee themed gifts for the bee lovers in your life!

Your kids teacher needs a Friendly Flying Bees Mug

Aug 16, 2022 Erik Cocks

Now that your kids are back in school, get the teacher that puts up with them all day (kidding!) a wonderful gift. This Friendly Flying Bees Mug helps support bee conservation and is the perfect gift for the nature lovers in your life. 

Metal Retro Look Bee Tote Now Available

Aug 15, 2022 Erik Cocks

This retro metal bee tote bag will get comments and start conversations about saving the bees.

Sun Kissed Bee Fine Art Print

Aug 09, 2022 Erik Cocks

This beautiful yellow flower and bee captures nature for all bee lovers. This fine art print is available in multiple sizes.

Toddler T-Shirts with Bee Messages

Aug 04, 2022 Erik Cocks

Parents & Grandparents, put you toddler in this positive Bee message t-shirt. "Bee Yourself" is the greatest give you can give your kids. 

Totes are a perfect back to school bag

Aug 02, 2022 Erik Cocks

Backpacks are great, but a tote can handle all the extras. Hold towels and extra cloths in the car for an impromptu trip or overnight. 

Bee Boots and Shoes are Here!

Jul 29, 2022 Erik Cocks

We did it! Our designer came up with amazing bee boots and bee shoes. We know you'll love these.

Kids Needs to Bee Positive Today!

Jul 21, 2022 Erik Cocks

Encourage your kids to bee positive and enjoy their time with friends and family. From T-Shirts to tote bags for school and art for their room, let them see these positive messages every day!

Classic Watercolor Bee

Jul 20, 2022 Erik Cocks

This watercolor of a bee landing on a pink flower is perfect for art in your home or a beautiful bee gift. 

When Negative Bees are Positive

Jul 19, 2022 Erik Cocks

Negative Bee features a reversed image but it's all about a positive bee message! Support your bee lovers by giving a trendy bee gift today.

This Bright Bee Art & Apparel Will Make Your Day!

Jul 18, 2022 Erik Cocks

Bright Bee - Available in a fine art print, t-shirts, and tote bags is a fun graphic bee-themed design that will not online bring a smile to a bee lover's day, but support pollinators across the US.  

Bee-Themed Tote Bags are the Latest Thing

Jul 15, 2022 Erik Cocks

Tote bags with bee artwork are great for you or the bee lovers in your life. These original artworks assure you won't have the same thing as 10 other people walking down the street.

Welcome to My Bee Gifts

Jul 06, 2022 Erik Cocks